Alone for the Holidays by Vivien Mayfair

Alone for the Holidays by Vivien Mayfair
Publisher: Bramble House Publishing
Publication Date: July 16th, 2019
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars


Giving up on Christmas after too many of them alone, Clara Neverov is a popular Romance author, recently divorced and bitter. She adores the solitary life free from Scrooges and messy entanglements. When a mysterious editor from a Goodreads book group she cares about shares a sad story about being alone for the holidays after his wife passes away, she accidentally invites him to spend them with her.

The only problem is that her snowy country cottage is nowhere close to the magical Santa’s wonderland that she described. In fact, it closely resembles the undergrown Grinch’s lair on a bad day. 

The situation goes from bad to worse when Finn Jacobs drops an email that he’s on his way to spend Christmas with her. He doesn’t mention an arrival date and he believes her to be a trim blond bookshop clerk she’s been posing as so she can enjoy her online life, free of her own identity. With some festive holiday intervention, icy roads slam her truck right into his car, where she quickly finds herself desperately scrambling for another false identity, terrified he’ll learn the truth.

Thank you Book Sirens, Vivien Mayfair, and Bramble House Books for this free copy to read and review. This is no way shapes my opinions, all thoughts expressed are my own.


I really enjoyed this novella! I don’t know why I was in the Christmas mood but when Book Sirens gave me the copy to review and I saw how short it was, I definitely wanted to give it a go. This book kept my attention all of the way through but it did have some issues.

I really liked that our main character was not the typical polished perfect princess as we see in most romance novels. I love that she has self-confidence issues that are real and not in the, oh I’m just a mousy girl but I’m actually a mega babe when I do my hair if you know what I mean. I liked the idea of the false identity and all of the holiday activities that they did together to grow close. I thought the INSTALOVE was a little over the top but what can you expect from a romance novella. It was quick and to the point!

What I didn’t like was the fact that she only based her self-worth on what the love interest, Finn, thought of her. I don’t really feel like that she grew as a character because in the end she still felt down on herself. I also felt like the way Finn behaved was out of character during one scene. It was to the point that I did not like him through the rest of the book even when he was supposed to be redeemed.

Overall, I liked this novella and I’m curious about her other books as this was my first experience with her writing!

This book is available NOW on Amazon Kindle for $.99 or free with KindleUnlimited!


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