Mood Monday – Sept Wrap Up

Good evening my Beautiful Bookish people! I wrote a review for The Grace Year by Kim Liggett and accidentally deleted it, so that’s about how my day is going! 😂 I wanted to end my month with a quick audiobook and so I read The Grace Year and… well… unpopular opinion here, but I hated it. I am posting my review after this!

I am feeling ambitious and thinking about finishing Capturing the Devil and A Thousand Pieces of You by the end of the night! If I can do it, that would leave me with a clean slate starting October with no books to carry over! Yes, I am that neurotic 😂 (update, never got a chance to publish this and I’ve finished Capturing the Devil! Now onto aTPoY)

Tomorrow starts the #housecupreadathon19 for October and I am really excited! Gryffindor one last month which took me by surprise because we were pretty behind by the halfway point! My first book for the Rreadathon is going to be Soulwalkers by Cassidy Thomas! I received this book for free to review it!

I still have not put my TBR Together for the rest of the week but I have started planning out my rep and influencer posts for my bookstagram, so that’s a start!

Have a great week!

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