It’s been a while… WHOOPS!

It has been WEEKS since I’ve updated. The holiday season just comes sweeping in so fast and I can’t hardly keep up! I’ve been reading so much, then reading none at all. It’s going to get even busier soon! I have so many things I want to write about, mostly my experience reading and finishing The Stormlight Archive and HOW EXCITED I AM for Storm4 to be released a month early next year! I definitely am going to need a re-read!

Tomorrow I do plan on writing a blog, we shall see with time constraints and whether or not Xander lets me hop on!

Besides that, life has been pretty good lately. The kids are rambunctious, Chuck is gone at basketball a lot, my christmas shopping is ALMOST done!! Things are looking up! For now, I’m going to work on my shelves a little bit and read some more Ninth House!

Oh and I requested the ARC of Aurora Burning so FINGERS CROSSED that I get it! I got Aurora Rising last year and was able to blog about it so I am PRRRAYYYYING I get lucky again!



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