Collaborations and Reviews

My name is Rachael and I am a biracial, Korean American book blogger and influencer. I am currently reviewing / influencing books for publishers such as Penguin Random House, Macmillan USA, and HarperCollins (including these publishers imprints such as PenguinTeen, InkyardPress, FierceReads, EpicReads, etc).

I promote companies like Fiction Bath Co, Caffeine & Legends, TIJN, Galaxy Ink Designs, Sudio, CoffeeBeanery and more across my various forms of social media. Paid and/or unpaid in exchange for product or book.

I am extremely honest and pride myself in this as I would lose credibility with people who follow and support me. All thoughts an opinions are always my own.

You can e-mail me at

currently available for:

· Physical copies, Audiobooks, E-Books: finished copies or ARCs.

· Paid ($USD) marketing collaborations for books and products. This usually involves multiple platforms, more than one post or story, etc and can include an honest review.

· Unpaid marketing collaborations in exchange for the book or product. Typically one story unboxing and one feed post on one platform and can include an honest review.

· I am not frequently accepting indie author book review requests at this time as I am currently under influencer contracts with various publishers. You are more than welcome to send me an interest request with the contact me form as I will read some as time allows, but a commitment is not guaranteed.

I enjoy adult, young adult/new age, and middle grade stories (with my 9 year old at the helm of our middle grade reviews and my 4 year old with the children’s books through HarperKids). I like fantasy (epic, dark, high, dystopian etc), scifi, romance (romcom, forbidden, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers) but I do not typically read bully or very dark romance. I enjoy contemporary books as well!