TGIF! Weekend Reading Plans

Holy smokes this week flew by! I didn’t read as much as I wanted but I did get a review book done! I’m hoping to write reviews for The Starless Sea, SJTR quartet, and the Alone for the Holidays novella. Ambitious I know 😂 I was slightly disappointed in the holiday novella but I’ll get to that soon 🤐

This weekend I have GOT to finish up Capturing the Devil so I CAN write that review! I’m also going to start All the Stars and Teeth soon with Kelli (@starlightfaerytale) as we both received the ARCs from Macmillan! So exciting!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and you get a ton of reading done! Over on my IG I posted two photo challenges that are both GIVEAWAYS so be sure to check those out!!

Instagram: @rqdavis_


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